Borrow a phone

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Any phone is mine!

Because she forgot to take her own phone, Julie borrows a cell phone from an unknown person she meets in the street. Julie selects the phone number of her husband in the handset phonebook, calls him and sends him an e-mail.

At no point in time, Julie has inserted a SIM card in the handset, nor entered any private information in the handset; the unknown person who accepted to let Julie temporary use his phone will not pay for Julie’s calls or Julie’s e-mails access.

How does this work

By touching the mobile phone, Julie starts the eGo pairing between the eGo compliant device (the mobile phone) and the eGo device (e.g. a belt,..). The eGo pairing done, the mobile phone and eGo have a logical channel of communication on which they can exchange data. For instance, the mobile accesses a remote SIM card located in the eGo.

As soon, Julie gets back the mobile phone to its owner then the mobile is performed a new eGo pairing to the eGo of the mobile phone owner.

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