Enjoy the shopping

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No more carts!

Eve does her shopping, she considers what she likes and touches the electronic label of each item she wants to add to her cart. She goes to the checkout where she can see her bill total on the display. She can then adjust the bill by adding or removing items.

Eve selects her delivery address and when she wants the delivery. She then reads the message on the checkout display: "Hello Eve, your total is € 66.45. Do you agree?". She touches her bank account logo on the checkout touchscreen and places her finger on the fingerprint sensor on her watch. The checkout display shows "Transaction completed. Thank you for your visit, Eve." ordering zithromax online no prescription

At no time has Eve inserted her credit card in a reader, nor pushed a cart around the shop, taken out her wallet nor opened her handbag.

How does this work?

By touching the electronic label of each item, Eve starts an eGo pairing between her eGo device and the electronic label. Then the two devices can exchange data and in particular the item identifier (e.g. its EAN13 code). The item is added to Eve's cart.

By touching the checkout system touchscreen, Eve starts the eGo pairing between the eGo compliant device (the checkout system) and the eGo device (Eve's watch). Once the eGo pairing is done, the checkout system and eGo have a logical channel of communication via which they can exchange data. Eve has also explicitly selected her bank account for her payment and checked her bill.

The checkout system transfers the invoice and gets Eve's signature and delivery address.


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