Easy payment

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Make the shopping easy!

After completing her shopping, Alice goes to the checkout and puts her goods on the conveyor belt. On the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal she reads the message: "Hello Alice, your total is € 66.45. Do do you agree?" Alice touches her bank account logo on the terminal and puts her finger on the fingerprint sensor on her watch. The POS display shows "Transaction completed. Thank you for your visit, Alice".

At no time has Alice inserted a credit card in a reader, nor taken out her wallet nor opened her handbag.

How does this work?

By touching the bank account logo, Alice starts the eGo pairing between the eGo compliant device (the POS) and the eGo device (Alice's watch). Alice has also explicitly selected her bank account for her payment. Once the eGo pairing is complete, the POS and eGo have a logical channel of communication via which they can exchange data. For instance, the POS transfers the invoice and gets Alice's signature.

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