Magic door

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Mo more closed doors!

Axel is five years old. His mother stops her car in front of the door house, It is raining a lot when Axel opens the door car, jumps outside the car, runs to the house's door, opens it and finally quicly enters in his home.

At no point in time, Axel had the home keys . Nevertheless, the home door are locked and only Axel's familly members are able to unlock that door

How does this work?

By touching the door handle of the house, Axel starts an eGo pairing between the door and her eGo. The eGo pairing done, there is an application data channel of communication between the eGo compliance device (the door lock system) and eGo. The door lock system is able to verify the digital certificate of the Axel's credentials The door lock may work off line (no network connection) and use an onboard RTC (Real Time Clock : time drift is about 2mn/year) which could be periodically re-synchronized using an on board RDS system or the network connection (Internet Network Time Protocol) via the mobile phone of any family members (once the year).


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