Precise Biometrics

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Precise Biometrics AB

Having established our position as the leading supplier of Match-on-Card solutions world wide to the smart card market we need to follow the current trends using the smart card technologybut exploring new form factors and new communication technologies to achieve new levels of user friendly highly secure interaction between persons and the environment. eGo represents a highly innovating and novel form factor with many advantages for personal use. We estimate that this packaging will be a real competitor to NFC phones and possible the natural extension of same


Ensuring the integration of our technology into the infrastructure and establishing standards that will promote its integration is of the highest importance to ensure growth in the market.

The special requirements on the eGo device and thereby on the integrated biometric sensors will create demand for a new range of technologies and solutions in this area. It is important for us to be part of this development and ensure that the products will support current high standards of biometric verification functionality.

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