Lincor Solutions Ltd

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Lincor Solutions Ltd is one of the leading providers of Bedside Entertainment/Clinical computers at the hospital bedside.Lincor’s approach and commercial model is founded in the considerable experience and expertise garnered from the provision of many bedside patient entertainment and clinical access solutions in Ireland, the UK, Europe and North America over the past 6.5 years. Currently Lincor supports from its offices over 12,000+ bedside deployments in 50+ hospital locations in Europe and North America, and now Asia and Australia buy adobe cs6.

Lincor’s flagship product, “MEDIVista®”, and its underlying software which has been developed in-house, has proven to be an extremely reliable and scaleable technology platform. Its functionality is continually enhanced by Lincor’s ongoing programme of software research and development and its hardware development programmes with its partners

Lincor’s philosophy is based on using information technology to assist caregivers provide better healthcare, to do this we “place the Patient terminal at the centre of electronic patient care”

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