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he Norwegian company IDEX ASA develops and delivers world leading swipe fingerprint sensor technology, products and authentication solutions. The company was established in 1996 based on inventions patented at the Norwegian research group SINTEF. In 2009 the company received the Global Sensor Product Differentiation Innovation of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan. IDEX is listed at Oslo Axess (ticker IDEX) and aims to ensure safe, secure, and simple use of personal ID in everyday life The company is headquartered in Oslo Norway with representative sales offices in USA, Europe and Asia.

IDEX has recently introduced the SmartFinger@ Film technology based on state-of-the-art polymer manufacturing. SmartFinger@ Film offers small, ultrathin and flexible swipe fingerprint sensors designed for integration into a wide range of biometric system-on-device products such as tokens and cards. Combined with very small footprint embedded authentication software, the SmartFinger@ Film sensors are ideally suited for the wearable eGo devices.  
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