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Thinking outside the band


DecaWave is a pioneering fab-less semiconductor company which is developing a family of single chip CMOS wireless transceivers using Ultra Wideband (UWB) techniques and based on the IEEE802.15.4a standard.

Our technology is pushing the boundaries of today’s CMOS design techniques to implement small, cost effective and very low-power transceivers allowing the realization of complex wireless sensor networks and extremely accurate real-time location systems. This brings real benefits to a host of existing end-user applications including, among others, manufacturing, healthcare, lighting, security, transport and inventory & supply chain management and allowing other, previously uneconomic schemes, to be realized for the first time.

Our company, founded in 2004 and based in Dublin Ireland & France, is built on a highly experienced team of semiconductor industry professionals covering all aspects of semiconductor architecture, design (digital, analog, mixed signal and RF), manufacture and test, software development, marketing and sales

Our famility of integrated circuits, called ScenSor, can provide accurate distance and location measurements (10cm) at very low power consumption and low cost.

The UWB technology provides longer range (500 LOS, 45 NLOS), higher data rates (up to 6.8MBit/s) and very high immunity to multi-path fading, compared to any other available location technology.

Unlike 2.4GHz radios, the ScenSor chip signal has the capability to go through the human body or solid walls, hence making the communication environment indenpendant.

Applications are numerous, and Imagination is their limit. See some of them in the video below.


Visite our web site.

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