Continental Automotive

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Continental Automotive France SAS as been created in 1978 it is the French subsidiary of the international company Continental AG

Thanks to its 6 main business activities, namely power train, Chassis and Safety , Interior, tires for heavy vehicles, tires for heavy vehicles and Contitech, Continental develops automotive products for the automotive industry. Its main objectives are to increase vehicle and passenger safety to improve the engine performances to contribute to emission reduction and environmental protection, to promote security, to promote driving convenience and to manage innovative solutions for communication systems and multimedia.

Our expertise

Continental is represented in this project by the business unit BS (Body & Security) that is part of the Interior division.

BS is since 2002 leader in passive access and start system and has an undisputed know how in the field car security systems. This includes system development, hard and software development and validation under the harsh automotive conditions.

The team involved in this project, based in Toulouse, France, has a large experience in this domain and is working on the next generations based on the use of cell phones:

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