Houses for rent

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Mo more house keys!

Debby is looking for a nice vacation house via the internet. She visits and finally selects a very pleasant house. Debby fills in a form giving some details about her family, initiates the electronic payment for the rental and signs the rental agreement.

Two weeks later, Debby and her family arrive late in the evening at the vacation house. Debby opens the doors and  enters in the house.

At no point in time has Debby had to meet up with someone to get the house key; in fact she never used keys at all

How does this work?

During the internet transaction, Debby made an eGo pairing with her computer and transferred the electronic credentials for opening the vacation house into her eGo. By touching the door handle of the vacation house, Debby starts an eGo pairing between the door and her eGo. The eGo pairing done, there is a data channel of communication between the eGo compliant device (the door lock system) and eGo. The door lock system is able to verify the digital certificate of Debby's credentials which is only valid for the duration of the rental. The door lock may work off line (no network connection) and use an onboard RTC (Real Time Clock : time drift is about 2mn/year) which could be periodically re-synchronized using an on board RDS system or the network connection (Internet Network Time Protocol) via the mobile phone of a travel agency employee (once per year).

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