Security main features

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All transactions are authenticated, non trackable and anonymous!


eGo inherits of all efforts related to the security and the standardization within the smart card industry.

eGo may embed popular frameworks as Global Platform 3.0 and/or JavaCard 3.0 classic.

From a system perspective, the eGo system after the eGo pairing is equivalent to:

  • a wireless reader in which a legacy smart card is inserted.
  • a smart card always powered except when eGo is in detached state. Then all credentials are available and persistent after the user's authentication.

Identity management

eGo may support multiple and independent identity providers. Regarding to the Service provider the user should be anonymous except if the service provider and the identity provider are controled by the same entity.

User authentication

A two authentication factors are applied within the eGo ecosystem:


Due to the principle of the eGo pairing based on the Body-Coupling Communication requires the use of protocols enforcing the anonymity and the non trackability properties. All bearers used by eGo (i.e BCC and UWB) implements principles enforcing the non trackability.

Only the identity provider can know the user's identity and only for transactions based on the said identity provider.

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