Details about the eGo pairing

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The following figure illustrates the protocol performing the eGo pairing between an eGo compliant device and eGo


Three steps are needed to complete the eGo pairing:

  1. The eGo compliant device repeats permanently a prompt message in using the BCC bearer. By touching the eGo compliant device, the user allows the eGo device receiving the BCC prompt message. 
  2. The essential pairing data conveyed by the BCC prompt message allows the initialization of the UWB link layer.
  3. A reliable channel of communication over the UWB bearer is available for exchanging application data.


The BCC bearer provides an unidirectional means of communication from the eGo compliant device to the eGo device. No application data are conveyed over the BCC bearer. Then the touch of the user can be quick and does not involve transaction time constraints.

The transaction time can be longer the user stays in the UWB bearer range or bounded by the application.

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