Shared Printer

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Printing confidential documents!



Bob prints a confidential document from his personal computer to the shared printer in the hall. Bob goes to the printer, selects the number of copies and presses the "Start" button. A minute later, Bobs leaves the printer area with his copy.

At no point in time has Bob ever entered a code on the shared printer go on. Nevertheless, only Bob can print the confidential document.

How does this work?

By touching the start button on the shared printer, Bob starts the eGo pairing between the eGo compliant device (the copy machine) and the eGo device (e.g. a watch, a belt,..). The eGo pairing done, the shared printer and eGo have a logical channel of communication on which they can exchange credentials.

As soon, Bob gets out of range of the wireless system or somebody else touches the printer then it is released or reassigned.

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