The Cafeteria at the office

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Enjoy your lunch!



Bob goes to the Cafeteria in the office. He selects his meal, goes to the checkout point and places his tray under a camera. The checkout point displays the list items he has chosen and the bill. Bob touches the display of the checkout which shows the details of the bill and a short message: "Bob, thank you for your visit, you bill is 12 €, do you agree?".

Bob presses a button to agree to the transaction and goes to a table to enjoy his lunch.

At no point in time has Bob performed an explicit payment.

How does this work?

By touching the checkout teller screen, Bob starts the eGo pairing between the eGo compliant device (e.g. the checkout point) and the eGo device (e.g. a watch, a belt,..). The eGo pairing done, the checkout point and eGo have a logical channel of communication on which they can exchange data.

The checkout point is equiped with a camera using an automatic patterns recognition software to evaluate the food to be billed. The payment uses the company epurse to perform the payment.

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