Magic car

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All I have in my swimming suit!


Eve grabs her bath-towel, closes her front door and walks to her car. She gets in, drives to the beach and parks. She throws her towels on the sand and runs to the water.

Ten minutes later, she goes to the vending machine close to the beach, takes a bootle of iced tea and returns.

She borrows a friend's mobile phone and calls a colleague to fix a lunch appointment on the beach. 

Eve has only her towel, her swiming suit and her eGo attached to her swimming suit. Nevertheless, she was able to access her home and her car, pay for a bottle of ice-tea and make a call charging her own phone bill. At no time was she concerned about losing anything (e.g. her purse) on the beach while bathing.

How does this work?

By touching numerous eGo compliant devices such as the car's door, the mobile phone or the vending machine, Eve started numerous eGo pairings between the eGo compliant devices and her eGo. With a logical channel of communication available, she was able to use her credentials. Since her eGo device is fully waterproof she was able to swim without damaging it.

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