eGo Project

What you touch is yours

The eGo idea: your credentials leased by simply touching an ego-ready object.


The eGo project offers an innovative way to establish wireless bidirectional channels of communication between objects and users. Using signal transmission via the user's body, every eGo-compliant object you touch is "paired" with the eGo device you carry on you, close to your skin. The objective is to enable very intuitive, very simple applications where touching a device turns into a personalization of such a device to install, for example, the user's rights and credentials.  "what you touch is yours".

eGo offers a vast horizon of new intuitive applications, making user interfaces as simple as possible.

eGo will be prototyped, integrated in several form factors in miniaturized system (System In Package) for new sensors, new batteries, ultra low-power transmitters for intrabody communication (via a natural connector: human skin), a highly secure micro controller comparable to those embedded in smart cards, a large data storage capacity and a high performance, high-speed wireless (Ultra Wide Band) transmitters.

Embedded software, including JavaCard technology and secure remote management (Trusted Service Management) for managing services will also be integrated.

This web site presents multiple use cases where eGo can add value.


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